The 8 Best Tie-dye Shirts From Custom Ink

Custom Ink specializes in providing custom tees with your company name, fundraiser, or other logo in bulk orders. Some of their most eye-catching options are in the tie-dye range. Here are 8 of the best tie-dye t-shirts on offer across all ages and genders.

1.Dyenomite Tonal T-shirt

Starting with one of the company’s best sellers, we have this more understated tonal shirt. The cut of the short-sleeved tee is standard, with various sizes on offer and a minimal tie-dye look.

Should you need something a little bolder with a more obvious tie-dye print, there is this popular option. There is the same cut for everyday wear but the spiral pattern is pronounced in blue and orange.

Bolder still is this Rainbow option. There really is every color here in extreme saturation with the same trademark swirl. It is perfect for customizing shirts for un-runs and Pride events.

Those that need a more summer-friendly cut can go for one of the company’s tank tops instead. This one has a nice fit around the shoulders and a good length. It also offers that same spiraling design with beachy pastel vibes.

There are also a few different options more specifically aimed at women. This new design is very pretty and a great option for days out at the shore. The pale feminine tones look great, and the racerback fit is a nice touch.

An alternative look for women is this cropped shirt. It is similar to the standard tonal shirt in that the tie-dye pattern is minimal. The difference is the way the shirt ends above the hips for a more stylish look.

Then there are the options for kids. This version of the tonal shirt shows that kids can get the same quality in fabrics, cuts, and tones as any adult at the same event. It is subtle enough for older kids that don’t want anything too extreme too.

Finally, even babies can get in on the act at fundraisers and big occasions with this bodysuit. This secure garment is available in sizes for newborns up to 2-year-olds and is very cute with the mottled grey pattern.

With so many customizable tie-dye t-shirts to choose from at Custom Ink, everyone can get kitted out and wear their designs with pride and comfort.