9 Work Clothes Series Perfect For Your 9-5 Job

As the work clothes code is much more relaxed nowadays, you can add some casual or more importantly, comfortable clothing items to your work clothes series. However, finding clothing items that are casual or comfy yet workplace-appropriate can be quite difficult. Hence, next up is a list of 9 clothing items that are perfect for your 9-5 job. So, do read on for more!

1. Unisex Boxy Work Shirt

This lightweight heavy jersey work shirt features a simple design with a breast pocket and round mock neck collar. As it is 2 inches shorter than other shirts in the same design, it won’t look bulky when tucked in, making it perfect for layering.

Update your outdated pantsuits with this trendy yet workplace-appropriate utility jumpsuit featuring 2 waist pockets, 2 front chest pockets, and 1 back pocket.

Tired of those basic khaki pants or chinos? This coffee-colored durable work pant is all you need. It features a straight-cut leg that keeps things formal, making it perfect for work and also for after-office dates or parties.

Want a pop of color in your work clothes series but do not want to go overboard and be called to the HR office? This burgundy work pant is the perfect harmony of comfy, style, fun, and workplace appropriateness.

This stylish oversize work shirt offers a fresh and unique look with its collared neckline, front nylon zipper, and 1 large front pocket. It is made with breathable Cotton Oxford for extra comfort.

The only problem with blue work pants is that they are too common. Hence, switching to an uncommon blue color will help you to stand out like this smart and breathable steel blue canvas work pant with a relaxed fit.

This boxy V-neck work t-shirt is perfect for hybrid employees and also “Casual Fridays”. This shrink-free and durable t-shirt comes in short sleeves, making it perfect for layering.

A pair of white work pants will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe as they go with a lot of other work clothing pieces. This relaxed-fit, breathable, and durable work pant is perfect for long work hours as the fabric is wrinkle-free.

If you are looking for a statement piece for work, try this oversized denim wrap coat. It is a formal yet fun way to showcase your personality while adhering to workplace dress codes.

Finding comfortable or casual work clothes that won’t violate your workplace clothing code is a very difficult task. However, the above-listed 9 clothing items can be the perfect addition to your work clothes series. So, grab them today!